Monday, October 22, 2012

Wanna see something sexy?

I'll bet you do. 

Today I'm writing about my favorite sex scene in any film I've watched.  Even a couple of films of a more adult nature.  You know, the VERY FEW that I've watched. 

I'll be showing the clip below, but first the inevitable talk show question:

"Tell me, Randy, does this clip need any set up?"

YES.  Yes it does.  I'll go long form.  The film is hardly available any more, and you probably will never see it. 

The name of the film is "The Music Teacher."  It is a Belgian film that was nominated for Best Foreign Film at the Academy Awards.  It is a sumptuous, delicious feast dedicated to the love of music.  And the love of love.  And the love of lust.  Not so much lust, but more the love of love.

The film begins by showing an aging baritone (played by Jose Van Dam - someone with whom THE AUTHOR has performed) named Dallayrac performing in a recital.  In attendance is an old rival of his, Prince Scotti.  Prince Scotti, it turns out was once a bit of a performer himself, until, when in competition with Dallayrac, his voice broke, and he was never the same.  As Dallayrac is singing, a note becomes strained just ever so subtly.  Scotti bolts upright in his seat.  Dallayrac stops the performance and announces that his (previously unplanned) retirement begins that evening. 

Flash forward a bit.  Dallayrac is sent a GORGEOUS (and I mean GORGEOUS) woman to whom he is requested to give voice lessons.  Sophie is 18, played by Anne Roussel, and she is gorgeous.  I LOVE European women.  Something about licentiousness yet faith just drips off of them.  It should also be noted that Dallayrac's wife, Estelle, played by Sylvie Fennec, has a similar hotness, but not quite the same physical beauty.  She's still sexy as hell.

Sorry.  Had to towel off.  I'm back.

Dallayrac proceeds with the lessons for Sophie.  It is established that Sophie immediately starts to fall for her teacher.  It is also established by Estelle that despite how hard he is being on Sophie, he will fall in love with Sophie, and that the wife understands this.  Sophie is also made aware of the coming crush. 

As he is walking the market one day, Dallayrac hears a handsome, but poor beggar/pickpocket (it's been a while, I can't remember if he was a thief), Jean (played by Philippe Volter), singing softly to himself while strolling amongst the people.  Nothing astounding, but Dallayrac hears something in his voice.  He tells him he will make him into the world's greatest tenor if he's willing to give in to his teaching.  How Dallayrac knew the quality of his voice is mysterious, but it lends itself to the magical nature of the movie.  Eventually the two young pupils are introduced, and immediately smitten.  But she is still in love with Dallyrac, and Dallayrac is most assuredly in love with her.

Flash forward some more.  Prince Scotti has a pupil of his own, an incredibly cocky, arrogant tenor with a BAD haircut. A competition is being held, in which the three pupils will all be competing,the two tenors against each other, and Sophie on her own.  It is a showdown between Dallayrac and Scotti.  Not to spoil the whole ending, but the video below shows Sophie performing her piece in the competition.  She is joined (carefully hidden behind a curtain) by Jean in song.  This is the sex scene.

I've seen sex.  I've seen lots of sex.  I've seen lots of seduction leading to people throwing their clothes on the floor, devouring each other in whatever manner they see fit.

I'd never experienced in film before the sheer joy/seduction of singing with another human being.  Watch this scene.  It is wonderfully acted.  It is full of desire, lust, love, satisfaction, empowerment, care, giving, sharing, just EVERYTHING that sex is.  And not a single garment is dropped.  Not a single body part is kissed.  Not a single appendage is touched.  It's just sex.  In its most heady form.  And I absolutely love it.  It's right. It's sexy.  It's HOT.

I hope you like it too.

The old guy at the table is Scotti.  The young man with the bad haircut is the other tenor.  Jean is behind the curtain.  Sophie is singing.  Jean and Sophie are the two that make love.  Dallayrac is at home with his wife.


Friday, October 19, 2012

I'm not linking to it...

...but it's here somewhere. 

There was a blogpost I wrote in an angry state. 

That friend and I have renewed our friendship.

I'm lucky. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Like a week... go and there's a lot to do.

And not.

I've had a very good time doing this show thus far.  It's been a long time since I've acted in a show I hadn't done before, and it's been longer since I've had to wait backstage at any point in a show.  In fact...I'm not sure when the last time that happened was.

I believe this was built shortly after Mark, Stan
and I did "1776" together back in 1985.
I should complain...

I've been fortunate this time around to get to meet some great people.  I've also been fortunate to get to reconnect with some LONG TIME friends/fellow performers, etc. etc.

Three of us in this show acted together in 1985.  We all look exactly the same, of course.

I'm rambling.  Hey.  Maybe that's what I'm supposed to be doing.  I got on Twitter this week.  My handle is @frayed_knott.  So.  I get to be hilarious in 140 characters or less.

The truly important I'll save for here.

Wait.  This is a fluff piece.


Can't wait for next week.